The "Il Mulino fu la filanda" lies outside the town of Maciano in the town of Pennabilli (rn) Marecchia river.
It is about 45 km from
Rimini, in the vicinity, the republic of San Marino, Castle of S. Leo, the park of Sasso Simone, Pennabilli and many other places to visit ...
From Rimini, take the state road Marecchiese and continue past  Villa  Verucchio and Novafeltria; also passed the junction to continue Pennabilli still keeping to the right (direction P. Messa) for a few kilometers to the height on the left of Via Monticello (km49 VIII), where you turn right, you will find a road that seems to be within a yard, do not worry: go straight down the slope for 300 meters ... There we are!






























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