Events 2011 Valmarecchia

Home time Santarcangelo di Romagna - first Sunday of each month.

Back to Santarcangelo the antiques market that fills the center on the first Sunday of the month.

Fiera di Mezza Quaresima Sant'Agata FeltriaSunday, March 27 and April 3, 2011

Sant'Agata Feltria is waiting for a new food fair where you can sample local produce and all the good things that this earth gives us.

Procession of the Jews Pennabilli - April 22, 2011

Reenactment of the Passion of Christ appointment to the faithful of the valley for over 60 years

Paganello 2011 Rimini Rimini - April 21/25, 2011

Back this year in Rimini April 21 to 25 Paganello the event of the year for lovers of frisbee. Every year around the world to participate in the Paganello, more than a thousand athletes divided into more than 100 teams participating in the Championships Beach Ultimate.

Green market Pennabilli - May 8, 2011

Market flowers and plants. For 10 years, nurserymen and florists decorate the streets of the country by making it a great garden

Cherry festival Pietracuta San Leo – May 27/28, 2011

Mushroom Festival Prugnolo Pennabilli - May 29, 2011
Back to Miratoio Pennabilli (RN), a new edition of the Festival Mushroom Prugnolo or commonly called spignolo, mushroom rare and very delicious!

Artists in the Square 2011: the festival of street artists Pennabilli – June 1/5, 2011

Back to Pennabilli the International Festival of street artists with the fifteenth edition of the Piazza.

Visit of Pope Ratzinger Pennabilli - June 19, 2011
After the visit of Pope Honorius III in 1222, a Pope returns to Pennabilli. Pope Benedict XVI is expected at 18.45 in the small town in the heart of Valmarecchia

The Night of a Hundred Bowls Novafeltria - June 23, 2011
Fire, water, herbs and witches dancing in the tradition of the celebrations of the solstice and St. John

Bread Festival Maiolo - June 25/26, 2011

The event, now in its 16th edition, takes place over two days: on Saturday afternoon is devoted to conferences at the council hall in the evening eating and dancing at the square of the capital, Sunday afternoon visit to the ancient traditions and kilns to the discovery of forgotten tastes.

Jesters Festival in San Leo San Leo - June 25/26, 2011

Commemorates the passing of Sant Francis through an appointment with the Jesters of the World: a true festival with musicians, poets, actors, acrobats, street artists nationally and internationally.

Feast of flesh Pennabilli Molino Bascio - July 5, 2011
The traditional feast Sana Marchigiana wants to make known to a wider audience the meat of cattle with Marchigiana chance to taste the meat of the Montefeltro Marchigiana at the food stands

Santarcangelo 41 Santarcangelo di Romagna - July 08/17, 2011

International Theatre Festival in the square represents a node from its origin in very particular theater and plaza.

E……..state in salute Novafeltria - July 14 to August 4, 2011
4 Thursday night in wellness
Healthy eating, alternative health, oriental medicine, cosmetic, beauty, sports, fitness, massage, music, food stalls and wine tasting.

XI boar Festival Pennabilli Maciano - July 16/17, 2011
Back to Maciano Pennabilli of the XI edition of the Boar Festival with dishes of wild boar “pappardelle” (long flat strips of pasta), wild boar cooked in the psalm or steaks.

XLI National Exhibition of antiques
Pennabilli - July 8/24, 2011
Olivieri Palace in Montefeltro square in the heart of Pennabilli, an ideal setting for a unique exhibition of its kind to seniority and the beautiful location.

Elvis the legend Novafeltria - July 29, 2011

Tribute band on stage, dancing and choreography, the evening food stalls, flea market of memorabilia, discography, gadgets, decorative art for motorcycles and helmets, screenings of Elvis in concert on the big screen, a gathering of Harley Davidsons and vintage American cars.

Threshing Festival Pennabilli Ponte Messa - July 30/31, 2011

Community Day Pennabilli Scavolino - August 7, 2011

Magical night of San Lorenzo Talamello - August 10, 2011

Important summer event in the country where you can see the stars through telescopes, walk the streets of the village between stalls, fortune tellers, magical places and after a huge fireworks display.

Perticara in fiorentina. Novafeltria - August 11/13, 2011

Happy villages Festival Pennabilli Maciano - August 14, 2011

Spianata Festival Maiolo - August 14, 2011

The event, in its 3rd edition, is dedicated to another local product that is cooked, baked and tasted along with cold cuts at the ancient capital of the restored oven.

AlchimiAlchimie San Leo - August 26/28, 2011

Esotericism, art, culture, history, spirituality, science, markets, shows, art exhibitions and workshops. Back to the magic of Alchemy Alchemy and enchanting ancient Montefeltro returns to the place where converging events, parties, dinners and dances, folklore, markets, meetings, wellness and spirituality, philosophy, esotericism and art exhibitions, inspired to 'alchemist's most famous story of Count Cagliostro.

Santa Croce Exhibition
Verucchio - September 11, 2011
Traditional festival of goods, livestock and antique, with a display of crafts, food and wine.

Pudding made of maize flour and mushroom festival Novafeltria – September 11 to October 2, 2011

Among the food stalls spreads the scent of “polenta” (pudding made of maize flour) topped with meat sauce or sausage or wild mushrooms, made with flour that contains 13 species of maize strictly ground water.

San Michele festival
Santarcangelo di Romagna - September 24/29, 2011
The oldest fair in the city prefer the subjects devoted to livestock and the agricultural world, with exhibitions and activities dedicated to them.

National White Truffle Fair
Sant'Agata Feltria - November 30 to October 02, 2011
Every Sunday in October Now in its 27th edition, the largest trade fair attracts many admirers of the delicious and fragrant white truffle accompanied by all the autumn produce, which this generous land offers Apennine

The ancient fruit of Italy meet in Pennabilli
Pennabilli - October 8/9, 2011

The event, now in its 4th edition, defends and celebrates traditional cultures with the aim to emphasize the devotion to the Mother Earth and its products' s Man is losing by turning off this wonderful tale from the eyes of children.

Chestnut Valmarecchia festival Talamello - October 9, 2011
Festival dedicated to the brown of Montefeltro, a fine variety typical of the area, already included in the National List of Traditional Products. Niche product characterized by a very limited production.

Ambra Talamello Talamello -November 13/20, 2011
26 Fair aged cheese. A Talamello, the dawn of time, the secrets passed down from father to son and pay off in the pits: Forms of becoming a delicious pecorino cheese.



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