Betty and Marco

Many years ago, walking along the Marecchia River, we noticed a particular building, that we found out to be

an old, fascinating stone house-mill. It was love at first sight! Later on, as our secret dream was to move away from the city,

we  found it again, we bought it  and since then we invested lot of  time, love and devotion to bring it back to light.

Now as a family, together with our sons Emil and Mio, we are permanently living here and we decided to offer an independent  area of the building to people who love spending some time in serenity and close contact with nature

We are indeed surrounded from the green hills, in an independent isolated location, even so not very far from the residential area.

Actually, we may not say that we live in in perfect and pure tranquillity, as we live with our two teenagers boys,

anyway while our sons are sleeping the silence embrace us and a quiet atmosphere completely prevails everywhere.

Our closest neighbours are some deers, porcupines and badgers. They are quiet even if  they do not like to show very often.