Depending on the weather conditions, we are open from May until September.The best season to practice the different activities proposed to both adultsthe paths of Valmarecchia as well as along the nearby inter-regional Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello; or swimming in the outdoor pools at the nearby “Piscina da Quinto” or even, for the bravest ones, rock climbing on the faults zone of Monte Carpegna the mountain overlooking Pennabilli or furthermore enjoying a walk at 10 meters from the ground at the dventure-Parks of the area. Here nearby you also find many other sport facilities as classic tennis courts, five-a-side football and basketball or visit the old villages with their traditional local festivals where you can taste culinary specialities of regional typical food In the old village of Pennabilli, during the month of June, a well-known Event called “Artisti in Piazza” takes place every year. The Festival protagonists are many Street Artists coming from different nations of the world offering their pectacular performances. You can also enjoy a lot of different folkloristic events like the amazing medieval Festivals of the old Villages in the surroundings. Frankly speaking, in the Valmarecchia it is really difficult to get bored.  

Our House-mill is also the seat of  “Explorandia”, an association that has developed an original project called  “Bathysphere”, a spherical deep-sea diving device that allows you to experience a personal visit to a small underwater environment on board of a special vehicle specifically designed to carry few people. A technological journey, worthy of the Nautilus adventures on the limits of reality: miniaturized people into a submarine, ready to reach and discover new real and wonderful worlds, usually unreachable.


 (the prices are intended for a week from 1 to 6 people, bedroom and bathroom kit included)


May  and June             350€

July and August   450€

September 350€